The  making of something is not just construction. It’s all about feeling… everything, everything is about feeling…. feeling and recognition


Agnes Martin



Everard Read is proud to present Scapes by Galia Gluckman and The Yearning by Penelope Stutterheime in conversation at the Cape Town gallery. This anticipated two person presentation, opens the 12th March and showcases brand new mixed media artworks by Gluckman and new oil paintings by Stutterheime.
Within an exploration of Manhattan skyscrapers Gluckman artworks serves to blur  ‘the barriers between order and chaos’. Here intertwined landscapes of abstract colours and shapes flow in stages of transformation, conjuring up narratives of  an unpredictable poetic metropolis. Whilst simultaneously referring to infrastructures and skylines, the sculptural surfaces also direct one’s  attention to those that inhabit these urban spaces and the natural surroundings. Nowhere is this more aptly captured than in Society – which serves as a firm and fragile metaphor for this brand new body of artworks.


Within all energy there is an order. Stutterheime’s The Yearning is an unlimited journey between  balance and imbalance. Here seemingly minimal surfaces appear simple and visually clarified. However upon closer inspection the audience  explores    complex layers and intrinsic processes. This results  in, as Stutterheime  says   ‘a dissolving of the edges of the canvas’. This juxtaposition reminds one that within the seemingly unpredictable world around us there are rhythms and cycles under every surface. Stutterheime gives herself ‘permission to explore what is seen and heard’. Equally the Yearning encourages the viewer  to turn inwards by capturing those feelings and sounds which permeate through us all everyday.



There will be a joint walkabout on the Saturday 21st March at 11am.

The exhibition concludes the 25th March.